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Genre: Crime Fiction

Setting: Spring Fall, 2020 in Los Angeles

Logline: Heart Break and ambition leads a poor loving poet to the cruel underworld of blood thirsty Beverly Hills to pay for his college tuition and fulfill his mothers last dying wishes.


Miles, a defiant 21 year old starving poet, sees no end to his poverty and struggles in Los Angeles.

After learning of his beloved mother’s death, and girlfriends disappearance, he is heartbroken, but ambitious. A financial opportunity arises, when Miles is hired by a high-class Beverly Hills woman to do private investigative work that leads to a twisted murder. Desperate to stay alive, and find his missing girlfriend, he will go any length to prove himself and afford a college education as his mother’s last dying wish.

Tone & Style

Inspired By True Events

A young poet's contemporary, rags to riches, gangster thriller encapsulates his perspective on love, social constrictions, and a hunger to succeed. The poetic dialogue confronts the conflicts of our generation in an artistic new perspective that questions societal standards.


Filmmaker Bio

Garret Williams is an American actor and filmmaker who has appeared in a number of TV, Movies and Multi-media with directors such as Eva Longoria and Luke Plamer. After creating home movies and documentaries throughout his childhood he studied directing at UCLA and acting under David Strasberg (son of Lee) at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Los Angeles. He was born in Battle Creek, Michigan, May 26th, 1995 to Laura Williams, a high school Principal and Jason Williams, a software engineer and photographer.

Director's Statement

As a twenty-one year old who struggled to make ends meet and pay for college I found myself pondering many crazy ideas and situations that surprised me. I met people I thought only existed in movies who did things I thought only occurred on television. It gave me a new perspective on the human condition and I wanted to portray these ideals through a crime-drama that could relate to others.

So why THE BLOOD POET? Given the tremendous buzz crime-dramas such as Breaking Bad, Good Fellas, and movies like The Godfather create, I wanted to do something with a similar taste that also raised awareness for social issues & criminal activity that is not written about in movies.  

THE BLOOD POET centers around human trafficking, the third largest criminal enterprise, a billion dollar industry in America that is rarely portrayed on screen. The narrative also has twisted events relating to the student debt crisis that is happening nationwide.

This film is built on the simple idea that we will go great lengths to prove ourselves to family and friends and one misstep can send us spiraling down the wrong path. The film requires a low budget and simple shooting locations but has complex and twisted ideas that will create maximum value on screen. It is a film that showcases greed, love, revenge, and morality.


Investment Overview

Our goal is to attract between two and five private equity sources to invest in the film. THE BLOOD POET is leanly budgeted at $1,000,000, making investor recoupment and revenue on the backend very achievable, while still providing all of the production resources and acumen necessary to make a great film. We currently have $200,000 committed to the project. We are offering a standard 20% premium on investment, as well as a pro rata percentage of the 50% of the backend revenue shares. With that being said, there is some flexibility in what we can offer investors, depending on the level of interest and received equity proposals. We are currently working with our casting directors to fill out the rest of the cast with top notch talent. Additionally, we will be shooting and edit in New Mexico, which offers a very generous 25% tax credit at completion of production. In addition, we intend to utilize the FCAP program for select crew positions which subsidizes 50% of wages to further offset production expenditures.

Hypothetical Investment Return

  • Total Budget – $1,000,000
  • Profit Returned to the LLC – $2,100,000 (this is an arbitrary number chosen to illustrate the process of Investment Return)
  • First Payout Until 120% of Investment Recouped – $1,200,000
  • Remaining Money to Be Split Between Investor and LLC – $900,000 (a fifty-fifty split of net profit is standard for most film productions, so $450,000 to Investor, and $450,000 to LLC)
  • Total Investment – $1,000,000
  • Example of Investor Payout – $1,650,000
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Over 2 Years – 65%

Comparable Films

The Team


Producer and writer, known for Rocky V, 10th & Wolf (2006), A Month of Sundays (2001) and Area 407 (2012)


Actor and writer, known for Area 407 (2012), Wedding Day (2012) and Bones (2005)


Director and producer, known for Lonely Boy (2013), Break: The Musical (2016) and Area 407 (2012)

Project Timeline